These companies are sticking to their XP and they’re not letting go.

Today, Perfect Fit Computers salutes them and their steadfast determination to hold on to the glorious past, despite Microsoft’s announced Windows XP End-of-Life on April 8, 2014.
Below is a compilation of (sometimes blurry) candid photos documentation everyone’s apparent love for XP.

Important note: This is a collection of photos taken over the past year or so.  Some of the companies pictures may have since updated the operating system on the computer shown in the image.  Translation: Don’t sue me for liable, big companies.  I’m just having a bit of fun.

1. Medieval Times Toronto

Medieval Times Toronto
Medieval Times Toronto


I suppose if any place can really get away with running a 12-year-old operating system with panache, it would be a medieval-themed entertainment company.  Just look at that proud screen saver!  I love it.


2. Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire, Bay & Dundas, Toronto

I think the most glorious part about this is that it’s XP… running a DOS-based program!  They get extra bonus points for this.

3. Scarborough Hospital

Scarborough General Hospital
Scarborough General Hospital

Yah… that should work just fine.  …..Right?!


4. ONroute at Trenton (Highway 401 Service Centre)

ONroute Trenton
ONroute Trenton

Whoa, wait, huh? Weren’t these ONroutes just built?!  Fantastic!
This rare and wonderful photo shows some network reconfiguration being done, AND a shutdown warning dialogue box.

5. Hobby Store in Paris, Ontario

Hobby Store in Paris, Ontario
Hobby Store in Paris, Ontario

Now, this one, I can let fly.  (Get it?).  It’s on a computer that probably doesn’t have an active Internet connection, and it’s at a hobby store in quaint Paris, Ontario.  And all of the input/output ports to the computer are covered.  So, I suppose the whole setup is relatively secure.

Can the same be said for our next example?…..


6. TD Canada Trust

TD Canada, near Yonge & Davisville
TD Canada, near Yonge & Davisville

… *gulp* ??


7. Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza, Danforth Avenue
Pizza Pizza, Danforth Avenue

Jose Bautista somehow seems unphased by the age of the operating system looming above him.

This rare shot was taken moments after a brief power outage, last summer.  Window XP startup chkdsk.
At least we can all rest comfortably, knowing that a corrupt hard drive won’t prevent us from seeing whatever ads this screen displays.


8. Chateau Victoria (Victoria, BC)

Lobby of the Chateau Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia
Lobby of the Chateau Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia

Updating a PowerPoint presentation, and rocking an orthodox portrait screen orientation.  Bravo!


9. Air Canada Cargo

Air Canada Cargo
Air Canada Cargo

Ahh… the tell-tale blue title bar and oversized red X close button.  Yep, that’s XP, alright.



STAPLES, Kingston, Ontario
STAPLES, Kingston, Ontario

This self-serve printing kiosk at STAPLES in Kingston is rocking XP like a boss.


11. Blue Mountain Ski Resort – Restaurant

Blue Mountain Ski Resort
Restaurant at Blue Mountain Ski Resort

Well, if you’re going to use an operating system from 2002, at least go “Pro”!  Good on you, random restaurant at Blue Mountain.
Now that the ski season is wrapping up, consider an upgrade.


12. My Dentist

My Dentist
My Dentist

Even my dentist uses XP.
(I know: I need to floss more.  This isn’t the time or place…)


13. Fido

Fido Kiosk, Masonville Mall, London, Ontario
Fido Kiosk, Masonville Mall, London, Ontario

Ahh, there’s that screen saver again.  And yet, no one seems surprised or alarmed by this??


The real question is “why”?  Why are these organizations still rocking XP?
Surely most of them can afford an upgrade to Windows 7, or another such alternative.

Is there a miscommunication between the organizations, and the IT folks that they hire?
Is it laziness?
Is it pride?
Is it nostalgia?

You know, I don’t know.  Certainly, I’ve loved using XP.  I find it to be robust, reliable, and fairly easy to use.
That being said, Windows 7 has made some huge improvements over Windows XP.

So, with the April 8, 2014 end of life for Windows XP approaching, one can only wonder.  What are these companies planning?!

And what about you?  Do you have Windows XP on your computer?  What’s your upgrade plan?  Time’s-a-runnin’ out.

13 Companies That Surprisingly Still Use Windows XP
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