Update: Business Closed. Blog Remains.

Perfect Fit Computers is no longer in operation. But I really love maintaining this blog. So I’m going to keep it up and running. I hope you find it helpful!

Who Was Perfect Fit Computers?

We were a Toronto-based boutique computer service company that offered private, one-on-one, on-site computer tutor and coaching services to users of all ages. We also did computer repair – all the standard stuff, like getting rid of viruses, installing hardware, setting up a wireless home network, and transferring your things from an old computer to a new one.
Generally, we served clients on-site, in and around our neighbourhood, as well as in downtown Toronto.

Company Mandate

Perfect Fit Computers is dedicated to inspiring you to fearlessly enjoy your computer. With decades of computer of experience, we are experts at teaching new skills and concepts so you can have better control over your machine. Whether you’ve never used a computer before, or want to learn to use a new application, or simply need help getting past an unexpected one-time hurdle (like printer installation, viruses, or unwanted pop-ups), we can help.
It is the company’s policy to provide tutoring in a patient Zero-Humiliation environment of learning.


Staff Profiles


Chris Mayell, President & Head Coach
Chris Mayell, President & Head Coach

Chris Mayell, Head Coach

With decades of experience, Chris brings a passion for computers which our clients find truly inspiring!  Chris has the most fun working with adult and senior clients, helping them learn to better use their computers to do things like stay connected with their loved ones, through e-mail or even Facebook.His passion for computers started more than 15 years ago, when his parents bought him a 386 computer complete with MS-DOS and WordPerfect 5.1!  …You don’t need to know what those are. You just need to know that he loves computers. And he wants you to love them, too.





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Learning computers without feeling shame! … Now that’s a Perfect FIT!