Enabling ‘System Users’ in Facebook Business Manager Menu

Adding 'System Users' to Facebook Business Manager

Perhaps, like me, you’re bravely trying to get some sort of Facebook API up and running. Now, at this moment, I’m only 10% into my journey, but I wanted to share this seemingly quite important bit of information that was left out of the FB docs I read.

In those docs, they suggest you add a System User.
And that there should be a System Users entry in your FB Business Manager’s left menu, like so:

Facebook Business Manager, with ‘System Users’ option in the menu.

However, my Business Manager’s menu’s Users section only contained People and Partners.

The Key: Before this menu item appears, you must do the following.

1. Create a Facebook app, as your personal self

Don’t be freaked out that your creating this app with your personal account. As this link assures you,

We recommend that you don’t create fake, temporary Facebook accounts. You can manage the ownership of your Facebook App later in Business Manager; don’t worry about your business assets being tied to a single person.

A Facebook App is really just an ID registered with Facebook.

Note: This is not necessarily an actual app in app store. To start with, it’s simply an ID you register with Facebook. You can later link this ID to an actual app, or use it as a stand-alone entity to access the API.

Marketing API Setup 101, https://developers.facebook.com/ads/blog/post/2018/11/01/marketing-api-setup-101/

Visit this link:

There, click on the ‘+ Add‘ button to create a new app.

Give your a name. Something snappy. And again, don’t worry about your personal address being in the contact email field.

Creating a new Facebook App, using your personal Facebook login

Now, you should get an introductory screen where you select a scenario for the app’s intended use.

Selecting a Scenario for your new Facebook App

In my case, I’m just looking to be able to pull some campaign KPIs. So I put a checkmark beside Implement Marketing API.

Then click Confirm.

Now the app is created. Yay! You’ll be taken to the app’s setting page. What you do here is going to depend on what you’re developing. But for the sake of our mission here, just click on ‘Save Changes‘ if such an option appears.

Next, take note of your new app’s ID. In fact, copy it to your clipboard. You’ll be using it in 20 seconds. ;)

Add Your New App to Business Manager

Over in Business Manager, in the left menu, under Accounts, you should have an entry for Apps. Click on Apps.

Now, at the top of the main part of your screen, there should be a way to add a new app. Currently, it’s this glorious blue box:

Clicking on it, you’ll get a pull down menu. I suggest you click on the first option, ‘Add An App‘.

Now it will ask for the ID of the app you wish you add, like so. You skillfully copied that a few moments ago. Paste it in and click Add App.

If your personal Facebook email is already linked to your Business Manager, then you’ll probably get the following awesome message, saying the link was successful.

Note: If such a message doesn’t appear, then you will probably have to head back to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and accept the request. I haven’t had this experience yet. But I’m hoping and praying it’s an easy step, if you have to do it.

Wait 5-10 Minutes. Log Out/Log In.

Honestly, I’m not sure which of these actions triggered the addition of ‘System Users’. I can only tell you that it doesn’t appear in your menu right away. But it will be there soon!! :)

As for what’s next? I’m sure there will be countless problems as you and I set up our apps and APIs. And I don’t imagine I’ll be able to help you. Hopefully articles like Marketing API Setup 101 will be able to help you from here on out.

Good luck!! The process ahead will be difficult, but you got this!! Persevere, and your rewards will be plentiful, I’m sure. 👊

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