First off, what does “FAQ” mean?

No, we’re not swearing at you.  “FAQ” stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”.  If you want to find out more about the term, and its origins, you can click here:


What are Perfect Fit’s hours?

We know that life is difficult to schedule, and that learning about your computer doesn’t always make it to the top of your priority list.  For this reason, you may find it easier and more rewarding to meet with a coach or technician during the evening, or on the weekend.  Thankfully, Perfect Fit has (limited) evening and weekend slots available.  Of course, we’re happy to have you meet with a coaching during the daytime hours, too.


Why does a coaching session cost so much?

Perfect Fit provides coaching at rates comparable to its “big company” competition.
Our rates help to pay for things essential things that you don’t necessarily see in a coaching session.  Things like rent and supplies for the company’s office, accounting fees, travel costs, technician tools, and – of course – the technician’s time.  Prices also include HST.  So $50.00 is actually $44.25 with tax.  We just thought you’d appreciate not having to fumble around with quarters.


Why should I choose Perfect Fit instead of one of the big companies?

That’s a good question.  One reason you should consider Perfect Fit is that we make it our first priority to inspire our customers to love their computers.  If we haven’t done that, then we haven’t done our jobs.
The “big companies” simply can’t make this promise.  Because they are so large, they often don’t have the time and resources to adopt this type of philosophy.  Perfect Fit, on the other hand, is a local, independent business.  So, if you ever have a problem, you only need to call or send an email.


I don’t live in Riverdale.  Will Perfect FIT still make a house call?

Almost certainly yes.  Perfect Fit is usually able to provide help anywhere within Toronto. Appointments for some locations may need to be booked somewhat further ahead than others.