Google Drive File Stream encoutered a problem, Mac OS X High Sierra

Solved - Drive Stream Encountered An Error

So, Google File Stream isn’t work in Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13).
You saw complicated directions about deleting Application Support files, like the DriveFS folder, closing Chrome, restarting. None of them worked.

This probably will.

Ughhh…. the solutions was so easy, I overlooked it.
Or expected that Google and Apple would have worked this out.
It’s a permissions things.

1. Start Google File Stream. You will of course get the error message.

2. Leave Google File Stream Open

3. Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy
Click on the ‘Allow…’ button.

Click on 'Allow' in System Preferences Security & Privacy


3. Put a checkmark beside Google, Inc.  “Hey, I know them!! :)

Allow Google, Inc. to do things

That really should do it.
Have another try at signing into File Stream.
If it’s still not working close File Stream, and start it again. :)





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