MacBook Pro Retina GPU Fix: A Faster, No-Bake Approach

Video Instructions

This is a potential solution to a common problem with no video on your MacBook Pro.
If you’re faced with a black screen of death, then this may solve your problem quickly.

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Only try this if your situation matches the following conditions exactly.



If your situation matches all of these criteria:

1. You own an older MacBook Pro Retina (various years, though in this case it was a 2012 I had a problem with)
2. You are getting no video – either on an external monitor or built-in display but
3. Everything else works. You get the startup chime. You can even log in and perform actions using memorized keystrokes.
4. You’ve tried all the standard, non-invasive tricks like resetting PRAM, reset NVRAM, reset SMC, as well as other tricks like overheating the computer in a thick blanket.
5. You’re now considering using a heat gun, or baking the logic board in the oven.

Repeat: If you’re not getting the startup chime, this probably doesn’t apply to you, and this probably will not work.

Also, I have to underline that this is just my own experience. I’m not a Mac expert. I just tried this blindly, and it work. At the time of writing, I don’t know anybody else who’s tried this, let alone succeeded.

Text Instructions

1. Turn off your MacBook Pro and unplug it.

2. Turn over the Mac Book Pro and remove bottom case using a specialized pentalobe screwdriver. Yes, this part sucks, because of the small cost for these tools, and the time it takes to get them.
See this post from for the best advice on where to buy this screwdriver, or head over to your local independent computer shop.

3. Examine your logic board. See this dude?

MacBook Pro Retina Logic Board


3. Using just your thumbs, press quite hard on opposite corners of this chip. Press on one pair of opposite corners (as shown below), then release and press on the opposite pair.
I only pressed for two or three seconds. It’s not about the time spend, it’s about the force.

Press on the MacBook Pro GPU

4. Flip the machine over and turn it on.

That’s it.
It sounds barbaric. And it sounds too easy, and too good to be true.
But it actually worked for me. Much to my shock.

Is this GPU Fix Permanent? Is it Better than a GPU Reflow?

As I say in the attached video, this fix is probably not permanent. I first did this procedure 14 days ago (at the time of writing). Since then I’ve had to redo it twice. So this will not be a permanent fix, but it will definitely buy you time, while you figure out your next purchase.
I can’t say whether it’s more effective than a GPU reflow, but I do know it’s a heck of a lot faster, and won’t require you to find a heat gun.

I strongly suggest that you save any work you do on this computer to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or some sort of portable media. Or use TimeMachine. It’ll make your transition to your next Mac product a breeze.


    1. YAY!!!!!!! This is the exactly the kind of reaction I was hoping for when I wrote the article.

  1. I thought it was a stupid recommendation. My mackbook pro 2013 fall-down the other day and my screen was totally black. I was able to acess the mac using a external monitor. I found this recommendation and to be serious I just did it because was nothing to loose. and?
    Yeappp!!! Incredible my mac is running and my screen too.. I can not believe this actually worked..

  2. I just finished doing this and was able to reboot properly for the first time since the problem occurred. I went immediately to system preferences/energy savings to turn off automatic graphics switching. If I understand correctly, this will now bypass the defective GPU unit and only deploy the integrated GPU chip. Great advice. Many many thanks.

      1. Hmmm…. that was like Plan A for me. It didn’t work.
        But I’m glad it worked for you! Woohooo!

    1. DUDE, thank you, after literally days spent trying, pressing down hard on the gpu corners worked (just don’t do it with the laptop closed as to not press on the screen, open it 90 degrees and put on edge of a desk or surface and hang screen down). I can’t believed this worked thanks a million!

      1. I still can’t believe it’s work, too. Haha. I’m glad though. My MacBook still works for a few hours between GPU presses, after all this time. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than it being a brink, right? :)

  3. Yo Baby – You are frickin’ HERO !!!!! – I’ve spent days on this and this technique finally WORKED !!

    1. No way!!!! That’s great feedback!! I didn’t know if it was a fluke on my end or not.
      It’s been working for two months now.
      I still have to do this every week or so. But it keeps working. :)

      I’m so glad this helped.

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