Windows XP was released by Microsoft in late 2001 (check out this nostalgic ad:
And amazingly, more than ten years later, it’s still a very popular version of Windows, both at home, and in the office.
Why is that?

Well, it’s comparatively stable, and easy to use.  Windows Vista, which was released after Windows XP, was – of course – intended to be an improvement on its predecessor.  But Vista was poorly received by both critics and by the public (We’ll have to save the reasons why for another article.  Preview: We agree with public opinion.  We’re not huge fans of Vista.  There: we said it…).  As a result, XP ended up staying on a lot of folks’ computers.

Knowing that their customers were continuing to use XP, Microsoft actually had to extend its support for the OS version much longer than was originally intended.  Even today, Microsoft releases security patches for XP (including three “service packs“) which continue to uphold its reputation as a robust and reliable operating system.

So, if you are running an XP computer – complete with its triumphant blue taskbar, and green Start Menu button, we say, “hats off, to you!!“, and present you with this cool link showing you 10 Cool Things to do with Windows XP.

Click here to check it out:

10 Cool Things to do with Windows XP



Windows XP – 11 years later, still going strong!
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