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If you’re anything like me, you loved Season 1 of HBO‘s Silicon Valley (not to be confused with “Start-Ups” reality show produced by Bravo!).

The show is edgy, and scandalous at times.  But it shares biting truths about the tech world.  I love it!

Erlicht Bachman
Erlicht Bachman, played by T.J. Miller

One of my favourite characters (Aw, heck – they’re all my favourite) is Erlich Bachman (played by the T.J. Miller, who I first saw in the movie She’s Out of My League) likes to proudly flaunt his successful company, AVIATO [a’vee-a-TOH], which he sold for a pittance.

Anyways, as I rode my bike down Toronto’s Bloor Street a few weeks ago, I was delighted to see a girl wearing a T-Shirt with the AVIATO logo.  “Hilarious!”, I thought.  “I MUST HAVE ONE, NOW!!”, I decreed.

After doing some research online, and finding a shop or two online that was selling this shirt, I realized that I could just as easily design the logo in Adobe Illustrator, and send the .PDF or .AI file off to a local T-shirt shop, to be printed locally.

And so, since, I’ve made the files, I’m now happy to share them with whoever might make use of them.  Enjoy!!  All of these show

Link to Download the AVIATO Logo:

DOWNLOAD  .PDF Portable Document Format
DOWNLOAD  .AI Adode Illustrator Format
DOWNLOAD  .SVG Scalable Vector Graphics Format
DOWNLOAD  .PNG with tranparent background


Update 2015-06-09: I finally got the shirt printer. And now my life’s work is complete.


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