The YouTube Speed Test Page: A Hidden Gem

Here’s something we discovered last week, by accident:  YouTube offers a speed test page.
Now, you may be saying, “But, there are countless speed/bandwidth tests out there.  Why use this one?”.

True: YouTube’s may not be the most robust testing page on the Internet.  But it has several cool features that you may enjoy:

  • Speed history over the last month, based on the YouTube videos you’ve watched.
    (Yes… YouTube logs and stores this info.  A little scary, perhaps.  But also cool, in this case).
    This is a step above a lot of the speed tests which will tell you how your speed & bandwidth are doing only at the very moment of testing.
  • Real-time streaming information using a YouTube test video, to see how your connection is doing at that very moment.
  • Comparison to Others’ Connection, based on Geography.  Again… maybe not the most useful feature.  But very cool.  You can see average access speeds to YouTube leading from “global” all the way down to your city, and your Internet Service Provider (eg. Rogers, Bell, TekSavvy).  Okay, that actually is kind of handy.  It would be good to know if, for example, all other Rogers users in Toronto were connecting to YouTube at a blazing 10.4 Mbps and you were only connecting at 2.2 Mbps.  It could be a good clue, telling you to have a look at your home network and see if there’s opportunity for great improvements.


YouTube Speed Test
Fun charts which can be found at the YouTube Speed Test page!