Huzzah!  YouTube has just released a majorly updated app for the iPhone, and for Android devices.
And – hopefully I say this without sounding too entitled, here – I hope they’ve fixed some of the annoying issues which take some of the fun out of the original app.

For example, I’ve often found that I can’t find a video in the (now “old”) YouTube app, even though I know it’s on YouTube, and viewable by mobile devices.
But then if I switch over to Safari, head to Google and search for “youtube” and the name of the video (eg. youtube french cats pattie cake) – BAM! It pops up in the results.  I can then click on that result, which in turns opens it for viewing…  In the YouTube app!! GAH!  This is not terribly convenient.

One cool new feature which some users may enjoy is the ability to search for your next video while watching the current one you’re watching.
Now, I’m going to skip over any “this is what’s wrong with society“-style judgements, and simply objectively say “Cool feature, YouTube.”

So, if videos won’t load, or aren’t working in your current version of the YouTube app, then consider updating today.

Here’s the official video:

New and Improved YouTube mobile app!
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