Old-School CBC Radio Chime Ringtone for Android Device

A few days ago, we posted directions on how to install our custom-made CBC Radio ringtone on the iPhone.  One of our followers asked, “How can I do this on my Android device?”.

And thus, this tutorial was born.


Directions for Android Devices:

STEP 1: Get the .mp3 file on your phone

Download CBC Radio RingtoneDownload Ringtone


There are two easy ways to get the .mp3 file on your Android device.  Pick which option makes you happiest, and give it a whirl!

OPTION 1: If you are viewing this page on your Android device, tap and hold bell icon above.
After a few moments, a menu will appear with a great many options.
From these options, choose Save link.

Android 'Save Link' example

You may then see a brief message, saying “Starting download”.  The download should only take 1 second or so.  Success!



OPTION 2: If you are viewing this page on your computer or other device, you will need to download the .mp3, and send it to your Android device.  There are lots of ways to do this – the easiest, I think, would be to simply email it to yourself (Yep, that’s totally allowed).  Then open that email on your Android device and save the attached .mp3 file to your device.  Success!


STEP 2: Download Ringdroid from Play Store

On your Android device, go to the Play Store.  Search for, and download the Ringdroid App.  It’s free, and installation is quick and easy.

Ringdroid in the Play Store
You will be presented with an App permissions screen which will ask you if you trust this app.  While we can guarantee that the app is harmless, … 10,000,000 downloaders can’t be wrong.  : )  Still, as always, downloading and installing apps must be done at one’s own risk.

App Download Access Permission screen


STEP 3: Open Ringdroid

When the installation is complete, you will most likely be presented with a screen similar to this one, with an “OPEN” button.  Go ahead and tap on the “OPEN” button.

Open new app in Play Store

If you are not presented with an “OPEN” button, then just head on over to the Apps screen on your Android device, and find Rindgroid among the list of other awesome apps you’ve acquired in the past. :)

Ringdroid will now open.

What Ringdroid Looks like on Android devices
Ringdroid will list all .mp3 media files on your phone.  For you audio enthusiasts out there, the list might be rather long!
It’s in alphabetical order though, so you shouldn’t have to scroll too far down to find CBC-Chime, in the list.

Tap once on CBC-Chime.  This will open a rather advanced editor which allows you to make smaller clips out of long songs.
We’ve already done this clipping for you.  So you can go ahead and tap on the picture of the old-school disk, near the top of the screen:

Ringdroid Save Button
You’ll now be presented with the choice to give the Ringtone a custom name.  Maybe something like “I miss Organ Thursday” or “Shelagh Rogers Has My Heart”.
Once that’s done, tap on the Save button.

Ringdroid Save

Success!  The ringtone has been added to your phone.

You are now asked if you’d like to make the CBC Chime your Default, or Assign it to a Contact.  If you’d like to do one of these two, tap the appropriate button.

Ringdroid Ringtone Successfully Added!
If you’d like to do something different, you can tap Close and then make the appropriate adjustments under Sounds in your devices Settings.


4) [OPTIONALLY] Uninstall Ringdroid

You don’t need to keep Ringdroid on your phone.  We only needed to use it to make a bridge between the downloaded .mp3 and the ringtone you’ve made.

In some cases, you may find that – once you’ve completed step 3 – you’re right back in the Play Store, on the screen describing Ringdroid.  You may see that there is an “UNINSTALL” button.  Tap on that to uninstall, and you’re done!

Ringdroid Uninstall

If you are not presented with this screen, uninstallation is still pretty easy:

1) Go to your devices Settings.
2) Select Apps.
3) Swipe left or right until you are presented with a list of apps entitled “DOWNLOADED”.

Uninstall a Downloaded App on Android

4) Find Ringdroid in this list and tap on it.

5) Tap on the Uninstall button.

Uninstall Ringdroid
You’re done!


STEP 5: Spread the CBC love.

Tell your friends.  Tell the world.  Share in the awesomeness that is the CBC.

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